Mounted Patrol #5

Two more shots of the traffic cop on York Street in the Colombo Fort, this time taken with a DSLR. The first pic is actually a metering shot I took with my 600D of the scene so that I could shoot it on film with the Yashica. I posted a scan from the Kodak Tri-X film last week on my blog if anyone wants to compare film and digital. These digital files look a bit overexposed but that’s because I lowered the contrast when editing. The original was very high in contrast since I had boosted the ISO to 400 to match the film speed when metering, but unlike the film scans, digital RAW files are much more forgiving and one is able to still recover a lot of detail from the shadows and highlights. Canon EOS 600D and EF-S 18-200mm lens at 18mm, 1/1000, f/3.5, and ISO 400.

50mm, 1/400, f/5, and ISO 100.

Colpetty Market, Colombo

Once an infamous centre for black market imports, the Colpetty Market is still a Colombo landmark today, housing shops that sell specialist imported food unavailable in regular supermarkets; but mostly it is known for quality local farm produce, be it avocados and durian from the hills, oyster and crab from the Indian Ocean, or beef and chicken from the city’s slaughter houses. For those willing to pay a premium, the Colpetty Market can supply your kitchen with everything you need. Canon EOS 600D and EF-S 18-200mm lens at 18mm, 1/60, f/3.5, and ISO 200.

Mounted Patrol #4

Sri Lankan mounted police on traffic duty during the morning rush hour, York Street, in the Colombo Fort. Yashica FX-3 Super 2000 and Kodak Tri-X 400 film, with a 35-70mm MC lens, at 35mm, 1/1000, and f/3.5.