Almost hidden in the woods of the Hunsrück, on the outskirts of Simmern, a monument to the people of the German territories lost in the “catastrophic” Soviet offensives that ended the Second World War. The plaque at the base of the cross simply says, “POMERANIA, SILESIA, EAST & WEST PRUSSIA, POSEN, DANZIG, SUDETENLAND”; nothing more. An epitaph. July 2015.

  • 600D+EFS24/2.8@1/40+f/2.8+ISO100.
  • Queueing Up for Breakfast

    Another shot of workers lining up for cups of kola kendha (soup made from leaves, rice, and coconut milk) sold out of the back of a lorry on Chatham Street in the Colombo Fort, Sri Lanka. July 2015.

  • 600D+50/1.8II@1/800+f/1.8+ISO100