Bacon & Egg Baozi

This awesome breakfast dish is from Che Che’s, a takeaway restaurant in Pelawatte, a southeastern suburb of Colombo. Che Che’s specialises in twists on the traditional Chinese dumpling. In this case, breakfast consists of an oversized plain baozi (steamed bun, normally stuffed with meat), fried and cut in half to hold bacon, a fried egg, cheese, tomatoes, and caramalised onions. If you think this is just an alternative to a McDonald’s breakfast, you’d be quite wrong. In addition to being freshly made, this “Chinese burger” is deceptively filling; I couldn’t eat anything else after I’d polished it off, even though I would have liked to have tried some of the other offerings, like the chocolate or strawberry jiaozis. The baozi bun itself is an interesting combination of crispiness on the outside and soft steamed doughiness on the inside; almost like French toast. Combine that with bacon, and it’s pretty amazing even without the egg, cheese, and other stuff. Check out their Facebook page here.

  • 600D+EFS24/2.8@1/80,f/2.8,ISO100



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