Buddhist Hell

Buddhist Hell by Son of the Morning Light on 500px.com

Depictions of what awaits sinners in the afterlife, at the Aluvihare Rock Temple, Matale, in the foothills of the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka. May 2017. While the temple dates to the 1st century BC, and it is claimed that most of its statues and paintings have been restored to their original state, the temple has been destroyed at least twice; by the Dutch in the 17th century, and the British in 1803. It was also heavily damaged in 1848 by British and Burgher troops during the Matale Rebellion. Given this destruction, and the clear medieval Christian influence in the paintings of hell, it’s more likely that these date to the early 20th century, the period of the Aluvihare Rock Temple’s most recent restoration.

  • 600D+EFS18-200/3.5-5.6@18mm,1/15,f/3.5,ISO800
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