The Last Royal Weavers

Dumbara Weaver, Thalagune, Sri Lanka by Son of the Morning Light on

“The unique woven Dumabara cloth of Sri Lanka was once created for royals and the aristocracy; expensive hangings, mats, and clothing that took weeks to weave, and which fetched a price unaffordable to everyday citizens of the land. For centuries the cloth was woven by master weavers in a family tradition that has dwindled today but never quite disappeared.”

YG Premachandra at his loom, in his workshop, where he has spent the last forty years, in the little village of Thalagune, in the remote Dumbaragama Valley, in the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka. My story, The Last Royal Weavers, appears in the July 2017 issue of Serendib, the inflight magazine of SriLankan Airlines.

  • 600D+EFS24/2.8@1/50,f/9,ISO800
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