The Medirigiriya Vatadage, Sri Lanka #4

The Medirigiriya Vatadage, Sri Lanka #4 by Son of the Morning Light on

Built by King Aggabhodhi IV of Anuradhapura, in the 7th century, the Medirigiriya Vatadage is probably the oldest example of a circular relic house in Sri Lanka. Flanking the entrance steps are two purnaghatas — pots with stylised lotus bases — and the dage or relic house itself is encircled by a low stone wall with the post-and-rail design common in Buddhist architecture, and reminiscent of the Sanchi Stupa in India. Beyond the entrance are three concentric circles of pillars that would have once supported a roof. Visible in the photo are one of the vatadage‘s four beautiful limestone Buddhas, facing the principle directions of the compass. Shot for my photo story, Circles within Circles, which is the cover feature of the May 2018 issue of Serendib magazine.

  • 600D+EFS18-200/3.5-5.6+polariser@18mm,1/400,f/4.5,ISO400
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