Burg Lichtenberg, Germany #10

Burg Lichtenberg, Thallichtenberg, Germany #10 by Son of the Morning Light on 500px.com

At 425m in length, Lichtenberg, in Rheinland-Pfalz, is Germany’s largest castle ruin. Built around 1200, this spur castle was plundered and sacked several times during the occupation of the Rheinland by French Revolutionary troops, and finally almost completely destroyed by fire in 1799. Restoration began in 1971, and included the repair and roofing of the bergfried — the tower on the right of the picture. A bergfried is similar to a keep in an English castle, or a donjon in a French one, but unlike the latter two, is not meant for permanent habitation, but functions as a defensive position — a free-standing fighting tower — during an enemy assault. Today, the restored portions of Burg Lichtenberg house a museum, restaurant, youth hostel, and a cburch that still holds services for the nearby parish of Thallichtenberg. Photographed in summer 2018.

  • 600D+EFS18-200/3.5-5.6+polariser@18mm,1/320,f/8,ISO100
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