The Toluvila Statue

The Toluvila Statue #1 by Son of the Morning Light on

Dating to the Late Anuradhapura period, specifically the 4th or 5th century, this seated Buddha is thought to be the finest example of a sculpture in the Samadhi pose. The statue was discovered in 1900, by HCP Bell, during archeological excavations in the village of Toluvila, close to Anuradhapura. It is 1.75m (5’9″) in height, and carved from a single block of crystalline limestone. Today, the Toluvila Buddha presides over the entrance hall of the Colombo National Museum, in Cinnamon Gardens. Shot on assignment for Serendib, the inflight magazine of Sri Lankan Airlines. My photo-story, Katu Ge, ran in the October 2017 issue.

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